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Bethi Carver's Art Gallery

The backgrounds for this page and others are from Bethi Carver 's birds and landscapes of Delta tulles and Mt Diablo.

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Watercolor Mono-Prints

These four watercolor mono-prints of Great Blue Herons and a Great Egret








"Silhouette 13" 2003, 2 of 2

12"x19" frame custom mat

(the first print of this plate was showcased in the

Oakley Press Newspaper on August 6, 2004)



"Shagpoles Aloft"  2003

12"x19" frame custom mat








Great Egret in the Fog", 1 of 2, 1998  original

12"x16" frame






"Silhouette 11" ,1 of 2, 2001   original

watercolor on heavy handmade paper, 12"x19" frame custom mat



This Print was shown at the Delta Art Association Christmas Show
at the Lynn House Gallery in Antioch, December 2000. 
(See Contra Costa Times - Ledger Dispatch, January 2001 "A Celebration of Art")
Experience the tides in the tulle's,
                                is geologic time, 
          a Great Blue Heron, 
        bending in impossible directions, 
is humorous,
			has respect.
"Blue Silhouette, plate 4, 2000
Transparent Watercolor Mono-Print  (12x19 frame with custom mat)


Watercolor & Pencil

Barn Swallows Bathing and a Pair with Watercolor and Pencil. Hirundo rustica is the scientific name for Barn Swallow. Erythrogaster is the sub-species. Reproductions  are available on acid free paper with or without mat and frame.





 "Taking a Break" from nest building 1998 

        5"x7"  Reproduction









 "Barn Swallows Bathing"  1998 

Reproductions are available, 8"x10"  with or without custom mat.

All artwork, text, titles and images belong to and are the property of the artist, Bethi Carver. No reproductions, copies or using in any internet or other media of any kind is allowed without the express written permission of the artist, Bethi Carver. Thank you very much.  

Copyright 2012 Bethi Carver. All rights reserved.