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Biography    -    Bethi J. Carver 

Art & Birding     "Painting and observing Delta birds and the ever changing wetlands landscape and birdsong is an adventure in bird-watching & color."

    Bethi Carver began painting birds and bird watching after moving to the Delta. With hundreds of native birds, mammals,  reptiles and insects there is endless inspiration.  To share the joy of bird watching with family and friends, she began writing and illustrating "Near the Fast Water " stories and Delta Birds Coloring Book. Research into bird anatomy for illustrations and identification led to a more serious study of Ornithology and a Wildlife Rehabilitation course at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. As a big part of Ornithology is to document how the birds look, their behavior and habitat, the illustrated stories and coloring book is a mix of science and art.

    With training in both classical and modern art theory and practice, Bethi Carver currently uses a variety of media and techniques;  Watercolor and Mono-Prints, Acrylic on Canvas and Mixed Media Collage'.  Some of her first woodcuts and silkscreen prints are of wildlife; a Lion, Goshawk, Cougar and Panda. 

    Contemporary Impressionism is a good description of the Mono-prints. Color combinations of the Delta are both endless and specific with lots of reflected light. Plein-Aire sketches are brought in-studio and combined into distinctive visual images.  What she likes about the mono-prints is that no two are the same. The media of paper, water and pigment flows together. 

    A goal with the Mono-prints is to create images that are both relaxing and interesting to look at. With comfortable viewing up close and at a distance. Many mono-prints are of Great Blue Herons. Graceful & serene, the great wading birds are always a versatile subject.  There are also Mono-prints of Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Barn Swallows & Pied-billed Grebes.



1999 & 2000 Lynn House Gallery in Antioch,  juried show, 2000  "Blue Mandala #1,  honorable mention.

1999  Delta Art Association at the Flyway Festival, Vallejo

1999 thru 2001shows at Summerset III in Brentwood with the Discover Art League

2000 thru 2005   "Blue Rock"  $700  Landscape of the Marin Headlands north end of the beach, 2' x 4'  acrylic on canvas is included in the  "For the Seventh Generation Mile of Paintings of the West Coastline"

          Atelier Gallery in Oregon.   A percentage of the sale will be donated to the Nature Conservancy.

2001 " Hands Along the Tide Line"  community art.  Berkeley Bay Festival & Watsonville Oceans Festival

2004   Brentwood Art Walk

Nov 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010     Central Valley Birding Symposium, Stockton

  November 2005 to January 2006   Brentwood Arts Commission, Laurence Ferlinghetti & Group Exhibition, 

December 3 thru 31, 2005    Lynn House Gallery, 809 First Street, Antioch 

February - March 2009 Discover Art League at Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce



2013 Shows:

Discover Art League Artist of the Month July 2013  Art Show  at C R Framing, Harvest Park Dr., Brentwood


The Brentwood and Oakley Press

July 2013





Brentwood Press, August 6, 2004  

                       A Great Blue Heron Mono-Print titled "Shag-pole Aloft, 1 of 2, 2003" was showcased with an article. Reproductions are available, contact eh artist.

Oakley Press, August 6, 2004  

                        "Silhouette 13, 1 of 2" 2003 was showcased with an article.




Contra Costa Times Ledger Dispatch January 1, 2000

                        "A Celebration of Art" Lynn House Gallery Christmas Show

                         Watercolor Mono-print, "Blue" 1998 was included in photos of artwork at the show.



Acrylics, Watercolors, Mono-prints, Silkscreen and Woodcuts are in private collections throughout the country.     Reproductions are available of some of these works.

Please use E-mail to contact the artist, Bethi Carver  info@nearthefastwater.com


All artwork, text, titles and images belong to and are the property of the artist, Bethi Carver. No reproductions, copies or using in any internet or other media of any kind is allowed without the express written permission of the artist, Bethi Carver. Thank you very much.

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